CRIWARE Newsletter2017 10(English) 川口コメント補足


CRIの英語ニュースレターをportalでも紹介していくよ。11月7,8日にロサンゼルスで行われるGameSoundConというイベントに参加するよ! コンボの音の作り方も紹介するよ。

The monthly CRIWARE newsletter brings you news about ADX2, Sofdec2 and other amazing audio and video technologies from CRI Middleware.

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In this issue: come and meet us at GameSoundCon 2017, introducing the new CRI ADX 2 Unity Plug-in for the Asset Store, new SDK releases including a Mac version of the authoring tool, and learn how to implement awesome combo style sound effects in AtomCraft!


This year again, on the 7th and 8th of November, CRI Middleware will take part in GameSoundCon, the Game Music, Sound Design And Virtual Reality Audio Conference.

The event will take place in Los Angeles, CA at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. Come visit us and experience the latest version of the CRIWARE SDK, including the brand new authoring tool for Mac!



英語版ブログでは毎月、イベント情報やADX2の使い方を紹介しているよ! 10月はUnity AssetStore版の紹介をしたよ!

Each month, the CRIWARE Blog publishes industry news and event reports, interviews of game developers as well as in-depth articles on game audio implementation with ADX2.

In October, we are introducing the new CRI ADX 2 Unity Plug-in for the Asset Store. In a bold move that will shatter the barrier of entry for advanced game audio, CRI Middleware is offering CRIWARE’s ADX2 at $99 exclusively for Unity developers!

Don’t waste a minute and learn more about this incredible offer in our new blog post!




今月はコンボ演出の紹介だ! ざっくり言うと「ぷよぷよの連鎖ボイス」みたいな「指定した順に違う音が鳴っていく」演出が簡単に作れるよ!指定した時間内に再生リクエストがあれば次の音が鳴り、一定時間以上、リクエストが無ければ最初の音に戻るんだ。便利だね!!

This month, let’s see how to implement combo sound effects in AtomCraft.

A Combo Sequential Cue will play one of its Tracks each time it is triggered, in a sequential order. But it will do so only when the playback requests are issued within a certain time window, specified by the sound designer. When it reaches the last Track, it returns to a selected Track. At any point, if the Cue is triggered outside of the allowed time window, it will go back to the first Track.

Setting the Combo Sequential Cue

In addition to the common Cue settings, a Combo Sequential Cue has two specific parameters – the [Combo Interval] and the [Combo Loop Back]. They both can be found in the property pane.


Combo Interval: Here, we specify the time period (in milliseconds) during which the Cue has to be re-triggered for the next Track to be played. Once this period has expired, the Cue will automatically return to the first Track.

Combo Loop Back: This is where we specify which Track to play once the Cue has reached the last Track and has been re-triggered within the combo interval. It is a 0-based index so, for instance, if we enter “0” here, the next time the Cue is triggered it will play the first Track.

That’s all! We can now implement combo style sound effects in our game in no time!




CRI Middleware’s engineering team has been hard at work again and we are proud to release a slate of new SDKs and new features this month.

The new SDKs come with an update of the version 2 of AtomCraft  but also with the brand new version 3 of the tool, which among other features includes support for user-built audio processing plug-ins, a powerful way to customize the audio of your game.

A new Mac version of the authoring tool, based on version 3, is also available separately.
For more information about it, check this blog post or contact us!



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